It has been brought to our attention that at least one school in our region has a significant level of absence possibly associated with an outbreak of the Norovirus.  If your son or daughter is absent through sickness please keep them at home for 48 hours after the sickness has passed.  We will talk with all our students, through tutors, to remind about personal hygiene (handwashing etc.).

French Fun Friday

Our lovely Year 12 students of French learned about the abolition of slavery in French colonies through traditional recipes from Reunion Island. The abolition is celebrated every year on 20th December on Reunion. Students had to translate French recipes, source ingredients, and talk about the role of Reunion and slaves in French history and society.
Chelsea was clearly the boss on the main course, cooking a chicken “cari” (a tropical curry) with Rebecca and Ms Hentschel as sous chefs. Rebecca produced an epic amount of speedy lime pickle (“rougail”), which, although labour-inducingly hot, was gobbled up in no time.
Archie took the less kitchen-savvy Harland under his wing, preparing “grains” (spicy lentils) according to the traditional recipe, although at some points it seemed like they were trying to model the island’s volcanic activity through lentil spillages…
Sadie and Hannah showed incredible skill in creating a delicious frangipan “galette des rois”, the most iconic French New Year’s Day tart, complete with intricate lattice patterns and a hint of the famous Bourbon vanilla, which was at the heart of the difficult lives of the slaves who had to grow it.
The meal tasted just like the “real deal” and combined the multitude of cultural heritages which make modern Reunionnaise society so extraordinary.
What a great way to finish the first week!