It has been brought to our attention that at least one school in our region has a significant level of absence possibly associated with an outbreak of the Norovirus.  If your son or daughter is absent through sickness please keep them at home for 48 hours after the sickness has passed.  We will talk with all our students, through tutors, to remind about personal hygiene (handwashing etc.).

Sixth Form Open Evening

Thank you to everyone who attended our open evening earlier this month. This year’s evening was a huge success, with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from prospective parents and pupils, and lots of good feedback about the atmosphere in the Sixth Form.

Our current sixth form media team chatted to prospective students and parents throughout the evening to find out their opinions.

One prospective student found that the passion of the staff and sixth form students helping came across very well, and that the environment of Sixth Form life, with an increased level of independence and attention in class supported the overall positive outlook of the evening.

Other interviews showed us that there are many advantages to College life, such as new courses available to study at Thirsk, like Psychology, which was very popular. There was also a lot of interest in the English Department stalls, with one Year 11 student telling us they were “fascinated” by the course specification, in particular: Children’s language development.

Many prospective students also found the physics display especially intriguing and useful. The Sixth Formers on the stall thought the display, showing wave behaviour, was a good example of the experimental side to the A-Level physics course.

Computer Science and Chemistry were also areas of interest, as teachers Mr Aldred and Miss Howarth explain details of the course. The current Sixth Form students also set up an example Chemistry practical, to show the increased amount of practical work in A-Level Chemistry, as opposed to GCSE Chemistry.