Skills Development

Skills are often the outcome when students develop secure, deep knowledge and recognise how it may be useful. Whilst our curriculum intention is be knowledge-led we also want to ensure that our curriculum delivers access to a common body of essential skills; we teach them what they need to know to make sense of and to improve the world, to interpret the world, to grow into useful citizens. A good curriculum allows for the retention and redeployment of knowledge and skills in different and in new situations and this is our goal. We want all students to be able to access artistic, physical and intellectual nourishment, so they develop for themselves and for society.

An integral part of our curriculum at all key stages is the development of skills that will be vital to the future life chances of our students. These skills include independence, team working, creativity, problem-solving, reflection, organisation, resilience and communication.

Students have the opportunity to develop these skills in all areas of the curriculum, but most notably through the PSHCE programme (delivered in SRS lessons and through the tutor time programme) and as part of our extensive enrichment programme.