It has been brought to our attention that at least one school in our region has a significant level of absence possibly associated with an outbreak of the Norovirus.  If your son or daughter is absent through sickness please keep them at home for 48 hours after the sickness has passed.  We will talk with all our students, through tutors, to remind about personal hygiene (handwashing etc.).

Student Voice

Student Voice

Led by our elected Sixth Form Council (see below) our Student Voice is centred on the whole School Council.  This body of students, selected from every tutor group in the school, meets on a half termly basis.  Students discuss issues specifically linked to their year group.

In addition, students choose a roll on a whole school group designated to review a particular topic.  Examples include charity, community, education, behaviour, extra-curricular and rewards.  Although a new initiative, we are very excited by the development of this council which has included some highly effective training and opportunities for student voice beyond the school boundaries.

The Sixth Form Council is an elected body of students chosen by their peer group and by staff. Led by the Head Boy and Head Girl who are supported by Deputies, they run a team of ministers with a range of responsibilities that extend across the whole school.

Sixth Form Council

Head Boy – Alfie Dickson

Head Girl – Jessica Coates

Deputy Head Boy – Tom Ward

Deputy Head Girl – Carla Dyson


Minister for:-

Community and Charity – Ethan Cook

Entertainment – Alex Gardiner

Extra-curricular – Josh Fothergill

Politics, Business and Speakers – Wilf Tomlinson

Teaching and Learning – Abigail Collins

Media/Publicity – Sebastian Fatz

Finance/Facilities – Rachel Morris

Mentors/Behaviour – Zoe Thornton and Amelia Foxley

Prefects – Zoe Treasure

The Council meets at fortnightly time slots to plan charity work, mentoring, prefect duties and fund raising. They also feedback to the students regarding events and procedures.  Our excellent Council represent the College at a range of whole school events and engage positively in our close community by delivering support for the elderly of the community.  This is evidenced by the pinnacle of the Council achievement, a self funded party at Christmas for the senior citizens of our community.