For those students who are interested in applying to our Sixth Form, we offer a full week of Sixth Form experience. In tutor groups for the week, students have subject taster sessions, career advice, team building challenges and even a tutorial session. We have made it an enriching Sixth Form week where students really feel like part of our college.

A rewards process, catering challenge and a PE option are particular highlights and students enjoy the experience. Please have a look at last years’ timetable. It is not compulsory to do this to apply to the college.


ART Year 12 Summer Homework Task


Health and Social Care

Psychology Summer Homework

Maths 1a_3_rules_indices

Maths 1a_1_expanding_brackets_simplifying_expressions

German present tense gap fill

German PRESENT TENSE notes and exercises

German THE PAST TENSE notes and exercises

German Homework


Philosophy and Ethics Bridging day homework1

English Language Reading list

English Literature holiday homework year 11