It has been brought to our attention that at least one school in our region has a significant level of absence possibly associated with an outbreak of the Norovirus.  If your son or daughter is absent through sickness please keep them at home for 48 hours after the sickness has passed.  We will talk with all our students, through tutors, to remind about personal hygiene (handwashing etc.).

Sixth Form Life

As students make the effective and successful transition from main school to the Sixth Form, there are significant developments in the lifestyle of these students.

Students become more mature in their study habits and have free time on their timetable to complete their studies.  There is a more relaxed approach to dress code, a pass to our security fence, a communal space and iPad technology.  To make the most of this freedom, students must focus on getting their studies right.

Students can also do a range of extra activities within this time including school service, work experience, mentoring, sport and prefect duties.

This freedom within College is reflected in students being able to drive and having a career focus as they prepare to live away from home.  The independent study we manage supports this transition at a very exciting time for our youngsters.

Our experienced team of tutors are perfectly suited to working with these young adults as their personal lives change and as the academic pace increases.  Students work incredibly hard in a relaxed atmosphere and this complex balance is challenged and supported as each individual requires.

Additional opportunities are listed below:-

Sixth Form Council Music
PrefectsCharity Events
MentorsGold DofE
Sports TeamsUCAS applications
School ScienceWork Experience
Drama Life skills