We have lots of lost property at reception and there is also a box in the PE Department.  If your child is missing any item, please encourage them to come to reception before next Friday lunchtime.  Any item not claimed by this time will be given to a local charity.

Sixth Form Pastoral Care

Pastoral care in the Sixth Form centres on experienced Sixth Form tutors.  Your child will establish strong links with this key member of staff as they deliver career advice, academic support and daily notices.  These staff know the students well and are the first point of contact.


Year 12

12T – Mrs Blogg

12H – Mrs Fenwick

12I – Mr MacMillan


Year 13

13R – Mrs Dickinson

13S – Mrs Fletcher

13K – Miss Simms


Our pastoral care is further strengthened by the Heads of Year.  These staff support key subject choice decisions with students, lead on data driven interventions and deal with more serious student issues.


Head of Year 12

Mr Acheson


Head of Year 13

Miss Leopold