BTEC Applied Science

KS4 Only

In BTEC Applied Science we study the following

BTEC Applied Science provides a course of study suitable for pupils who are able to work independently to produce a portfolio of evidence which is assessed throughout the course. The external end of course assessment only counts for 25% of the final mark

Year 10

  • following the course ‘BTEC principles of applied science’
  • completing four units in all, the first unit is a general Science unit which lays the foundation for what follows
  • studying the subsequent three units which are divided along traditional subject line
  • studying prescribed content and tasks in those units, followed by one or two tasks that challenge us to apply knowledge and skills to real life situations
  • appreciating the relevance of the science we have learnt with the real life nature of the scenarios to motivate us

Year 11

  • following the course ‘BTEC applications of science’
  • mirroring the year 10 course in the structure of the year 11 course
  • emphasizing on practical investigations and reporting


  • the assessment regime in both years is identical
  • units 2, 3 & 4 are assessed through two or three assignments, completed at various times throughout the course
  • assignments are graded at pass, merit or distinction
  • unit 1 is assessed through an external examination which is sat at the end of the year
  • overall level is an average of the performance across all four units
  • students must pass the exam to gain a merit or distinction

Learning beyond the classroom

  • use the internet for research
  • reading and making use of posters, advertisement, fliers that come from shops, energy companies, and the health and welfare authorities
  • watching programs about hospitals, paramedics, forensic science, nature and farming
  • talking to family and friends who work in these and related areas

Teachers of BTEC Applied Science

  • Mrs K Walsh – Head of Department
  • Mr G Pentland – Head of Sixth Form
  • Miss G Dolan – Head of Year 11
  • Mr S Lee
  • Mrs R Elliott – SENCo