Aims, Values and Ethos



Togetherness – we are especially proud of the fact that we are a true community school in every sense. We like to work with and support our local community as well as each other within school. Similarly, we recognise that this is a two way street and value the support we also gain from our wider community.

Honesty – we believe that in all our dealings with one another and decision making processes we should act with honesty and integrity. We all make mistakes, but our aim is to encourage every member of our community to learn from them and act with honesty at all times.

Inclusivity – as a school community we believe that ‘everyone matters’. We are a ‘family’ which means that we support each other at all times, in the good and the bad, and accept one another with all our differences.

Respect – all our relationships are underpinned on mutual respect. It is the responsibility of the adults in the community to lead by example and model the expectations we have of our students so that they can become the leaders for the next generation.

Support – Everyone needs help from time to time. As a community we believe in helping each other, whether that is from a teacher to a student during a lesson, or one student to another as an act of kindness, but ultimately we all have a responsibility to support one another.

Kindness – We believe that kindness goes hand in hand with respect. In doing something for others we develop our own self-worth and promote a positive whole school culture – ‘Kindness is contagious’.

Based on these values, we believe that our students can fulfil the vision we have for them to become Tolerant, Happy, Inspirational, Successful and Knowledgeable men and women.