Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School section of the website. Lower School is comprised of students from Years 7 and 8 with a major focus on close liaison with our feeder primary schools ensuring the best possible transition from Year 6.

The Lower School Pastoral Team is made up of the Heads of Year, the tutor teams and the Inclusion Unit. Together we are responsible for the safety, wellbeing and support of the students in Lower School, carefully monitoring their progress, behaviour and attendance in close contact with parents and carers.

As Head of Lower School, I have very high expectations of students in terms of their standards of behaviour, uniform and punctuality. I believe firmly that the consistent reinforcement of these key areas creates a positive attitude to learning and improves student engagement.

Praise and reward are high on the agenda in Lower School, and as such we hold regular Reward Assemblies to highlight positive behaviour for learning, 100% attendance and engagement with the school and community. We also organise a range of trips, activities, discos and visits for our students. The Lower School Challenge booklet is also a fantastic way for the students to record their personal achievements and score points for completing the activities within it.

Data for progress, attitude to learning and homework is recorded and reported to parents at regular intervals across Years 7 and 8 and Parents Evenings are held to support and enhance the relationship between home and school.

Please feel free to contact myself, or any of the team, should you have any queries or problems whilst your child is with us and we look forward to working with you to maximise your child’s potential.

Joanna Marston
Head of Lower School