From September 2019 for Years 7 and 10 only

(however, if you are replacing uniform as a matter of course for children in other year groups, please do buy the new items.)

  1. All students, both male and female, to wear the compulsory school blazer.
  2. All girls to wear either the stipulated skirt or trousers.
  3. All boys to wear the stipulated trousers.
  4. Thirsk School logo, v-neck jumpers are optional items – but only the official Thirsk School logo versions are acceptable.
  5. Once school have announced an ‘official’ start to summer, all students will be able to wear the new summer polo shirt.
  6. There will be new clip-on ties – yellow and navy stripe for Upper School, red and navy stripe for Lower School.
  7. Boots can be worn to and from school but not inside the building.
  8. We will expect all students to arrive to school in full uniform, not PE kit, irrespective of when PE is taught that day.

Uniform changes for the remainder of the year groups will be from September 2020.

We have made the decision to adopt this phased approach to try and support you in terms of spreading the cost.

Below are the main changes for September 2018:

  1. Students must wear black or brown (boys only and shoes only) leather look shoes. These can look like trainers if they are black (no brown trainers) as long as they are all leather look (no fabric), the soles are also matching black and there are no obvious coloured markings/logos.
  2. Shoes (girls) must be flat/low – no heels, wedges or boots.
  3. In KS3, years 7 & 8, no make-up must be worn. However, in KS4, years 9-11, natural/subtle make-up will be allowed. However, this is at the discretion/judgement of staff and their word is final. If make-up is deemed to be unsuitable, students will be asked to remove it.
  4. Nails must not be an extreme length/shape. French manicure or clear polish will be the only acceptable colours. Following this letter, If a student arrives from September onwards with incorrect nail polish they will be asked to remove it immediately if possible and if not, we will expect the necessary changes to have been made within 5 working days.
  5. There must be no jeans, chinos, leggings, jeggings or treggings. For guidance, when purchasing school trousers we would advise that a slim fit is perfectly acceptable, but, if they are so tight that they look like leggings then they are too tight; students MUST be able to tuck their shirts into their trousers. Following this letter, if a student turns up to school in September wearing jeans, leggings or treggings we will contact home and expect the student to return to school with the correct uniform within 5 working days.

We can only make this work with parental support, consequently, if there is an issue in terms of being able to purchase the correct trousers, please do not hesitate to contact school before the end of term, as we recognise that support is a ‘two-way street’.

Our school uniform supplier is http://www.school-shop.co.uk/thirsk_school_sixth_form_college_yo7_1rz/