Careers is embedded throughout the whole school and from Year 7 through to Year 13. Our strategy is underpinned by effective leadership and a shared vision. We build on local and national initiatives which strengthens coherence across the school year groups and adds to our well designed and bespoke curriculum. Kudos ensures that students have access to unlimited careers support and guidance. As students move up through the years they add to their KUDOS profiles therefore building a detailed vision of their future aspirations. As a department we use the details from KUDOS to design a bespoke curriculum depending on the different year groups aspirations and interests.

The Careers learning process and curriculum focuses on reflection, dialogue, practice and inquiry. These processes are fundamental principles that fuel our workshops, visits and careers lessons. We use assessment and tracking to ensure that we meet the needs and aspirations of all students across the school. Our committed subject staff and tutors deliver the careers curriculum in PSHCE lessons with confidence and teamwork. Staff mentor student’s throughout their school year so they feel supported throughout all stages of their school career. In addition to this we also engage school partners, business friends, outside agencies, further and high education providers, parents and employer. These connections significantly enhance the impact of careers as it is important that young people have access to a series of career learning opportunities. Our Careers Curriculum is delivered with consistency and volume to ensure that opportunities build on one another to strengthen the impact of Careers Learning.