Health and Social Care

In KS4 Health and Social Care we study the following:-

  • Completing the Cambridge National qualification offers a hands on approach to the study of health , social and early years care
  • It is a flexible qualification and units are selected to appeal to all students
  • It links in well with the requirements of the Cambridge Technical course in the Sixth Form where studying can be as a Single A level award, the Extended Certificate or a Double A level option, the Diploma
  • There are two compulsory units covered in year 10, ‘essential values in care’ and ‘communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years settings
  • Other units include, ‘using basic first aid procedures’, and ‘understanding the nutrients needed for good health’ which are completed in Year 11


  • All students will sit an external exam at the end of year 10, this is one of the compulsory units, ‘essential values in care’
  • Remaining units are internally assessed coursework units, which must completed in controlled conditions in lesson time, which are then externally moderated towards the end of the academic year
  • Students will also complete a coursework unit on communication in Year 10
  • Students will complete a coursework unit in nutrition, and then in first aid during Year 11
  • Students will need to refer to elements from other units covered in order to access the highest mark band
  • Verbal feedback, peer and self-assessment are the most effective forms of feedback for students during the completion of their controlled coursework due to the Exam board restrictions

Learning beyond the classroom

  • The course text book: Cambridge National Level 1 / 2 Health and Social Care
  • Adams J, Riley M, Peteiro MF (2017) Holder Education. ISBN: 978-1-471-89974-4
  • The following book is used throughout year 10 as a homework book as it supports the learning of the examined unit. It is an excellent revision source. Cambridge National Level 1 / 2 Health and Social Care. Adams J, (2018)
    Holder Education. ISBN: 978-1-510-42945-1
  • taking opportunities for work experience in year 10 will offer a useful insight into health, social care and early years services and give students an opportunity to apply their learning beyond the classroom
  • Visitors from universities and local employers in Health and Social Care environments conduct workshops with our students on possible career choices that involve health and social care qualifications

Teachers of KS4 Health and Social Care

  • Mrs T Fletcher – Head of Department and PSHCE
  • Mrs E Gabler – Teacher of Health and Social Care

Further Information

HSC KS4 website leaflet

OCR Cambridge Technicals

This qualification is designed for learners 16 years old or over who want to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of Health and Social Care principles.

Achievement of this qualification (particularly the Diploma Award) can support progression to go on and study in a Higher Education institution on degrees such as, Nursing, Midwifery, Primary Teaching, Paramedic Science, Social Care Work, or support progression on to apprenticeships such as in Early Years Education.

In the KS5 OCR Cambridge Technicals course we study the following

There are two options when studying Health and Social Care in Sixth Form at Thirsk School. You can work towards an Extended Certificate (equivalent to one A Level), or a Diploma (equivalent to 2 A Levels); both are completed at the end of Year 13, and require learners to take mandatory externally examined units, and externally moderated coursework units.

Please click on the Sixth form Information link below for further details on specific units covered in each qualification.


External examinations are taken in January of Year 12 and Year 13.

Coursework is externally moderated in January of Year 13, and May of Year 12 and Year 13.

Learning beyond the classroom

  • Course Text Book: Cambridge Technicals Level 3 2016, Health and Social Care Peteiro MF, Adams J, Riley M, Wedlake P, Rogers S. Hodder Education
  • ISBN-10: 1471874761       ISBN-13: 978-1471874765
  • An excellent revision book for externally examined units 2, 3 and 4: Cambridge Technicals Level 3 2016, Health and Social Care. Adams J. Hodder Education
  • ISBN-10: 1510442308       ISBN-13: 978-1510442306
    • Taking part in work experience is compulsory whilst studying Health and Social Care at Thirsk School and Sixth Form.  Mrs Beaumont (Work Placement Co-ordinator), Mrs Fletcher (Head of Health and Social Care), and Mrs Howard (Careers Advisor) will all help you to find a suitable placement. If you are studying the Diploma, you will have support from Sixth Form, and in your timetable to do a full day a fortnight, starting after October half term.
    •  Being able to apply your knowledge and skills to the workplace to enhance your understanding of material
    • Allows you to apply your theory to real life care practices, which will undoubtedly improve your application in examinations and help you achieve the higher marks
    • You will develop transferable skills such as communication, professionalism, team working and independent working that can be applied to other careers and courses
    • The school will pay your DBS check
    • You will have valuable evidence to draw upon for your UCAS or job personal statement to help make your applications successful
    • You will have excellent experiences to reflect upon in interviews to help you stand out from the crowd in competitive careers or further study courses
    • This has the advantages of:
    • If you are studying the Extended Certificate, you will have support from Sixth Form and in your timetable to do half a day a fortnight, starting after October half term.

    Teachers of KS5 Cambridge Nationals

    Mrs T Fletcher – Head of Health and Social Care and PSHCE

    Sixth Form Information